Adapt your home to your evolving life 

Becoming a parent is one the biggest joys and challenges life keeps in store for us. It involves patience, strength but also overwhelming emotions that we would have never imagined to ever experience. Let’s face it, it also takes a lot of change in your physical environment, in your everyday routine, in your home design.
WOODJOY helps you to stay focused on what is the most important: your child’s needs. If you design your home with WOODJOY, you will make environment-friendly and long-term decisions, not having to worry about your child growing out of the pieces of furniture too soon.
For instance, the small table and chair can either be used as a scenery for a girl’s tea party, an individual drawing session or a car track for adventurous boys. As our children grow, these pieces of furniture can be transferred into our hall, as support for our plant, or into our living room as coffee tables, book storage units or – why not – a leg support after a tiring day.
This is just one example of how efficiently you can make use of our products and use them in many stages of your and your children’s life.You don’t have to worry about sharp edges, we have taken care of them as well! All our pieces of furniture have rounded edges, so that your child can explore the world freely without added risks.
Are you having a difficult time deciding on the colors? We have 10 different inter matching colors available, so that you can either have a multicolored children’s room or rather a monochromatic design. It’s all up to you and your taste.
If you want to get inspired by more ideas, browse through our catalog or have a chat with our representatives.
We are looking forward to brighten up your day and your home!

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