Set of Woodjoy Multifunctional chair and small box

Set of Woodjoy Multifunctional chair and small box


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Being parents, we are facing several times the challenge that things (in general), including furniture pieces, are getting too quickly too small and useless. WOODJOY created the Emily product line which is able to adapt and transform continuously, not only to the need of the child but of the whole family.
This way, the WJ Multifunctional Chair can be used in 3 different heights but also as a table, can be a nightstand or a coffee table for the parents, being easily complementary with different other objects from the house, not losing value in time.
The WOODJOY Multifunctional Box/es are working as a stackable collector box for toys, books and any other item, as shelve hanged on the wall, as well as drawer for desk and bench.
Are you having a difficult time deciding on the colors? We have 10 different inter matching colors available, so that you can either have a multicolored children’s room or rather a monochromatic design. It’s all up to you and your taste. See the photo with available options. Please contact us, if you would like the 2 products to be in 2 different colors.
Right from the very start, we are concentrating on developing and producing high quality furniture that pays off for our customers. For this, we are using quality materials which we process with skill, love and care, so you can enjoy our products on long run.

beech, birch plywood, water based paint

Height: 34 Centimeters; Width: 34 Centimeters; Depth: 34 Centimeters