Use of cookies

Cookies for the proper functioning of the site

This website uses cookies to collect non-personal information and to enable the proper functioning of the website.

The collected data are used strictly to enable the functioning of the website and are not used for other purposes. These types of cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. If you still want to access the website without these cookies, you will have to block the acceptance of cookies in your browser or you should not access the website at all. There are more resources on how to block your cookies in the browser.

Cookies for marketing purposes, in order to follow the statistics of the website

We use some information about the users of the site such as: address, session ID, location, where he/she is from, what pages he/she accessed to analyse the efficiency of the website, identify the most accessed subpages. These statistics allow us to analyse the traffic, which pages are considered more important and to be able to improve the content. This amount of information cannot identify one specific client and are used only in a general way to offer a more valuable and interesting content to visitors.

Additionally, these statistics can be used to track the results of marketing campaigns and to offer advertisements on other websites that are relevant or similar to the previously viewed pages or contents.

By accessing the website, the user will get a notification message.

The clients who don’t wish to use these cookies, are asked to stop visiting the site or to block the storage of these files from the browser: blocking cookies in the browser.


The cookie is a text file of small dimension that a website saves in your computer or mobile device when you visit it. Thanks to the cookies, the website remembers, for a period of time, your actions and preferences (language, letter dimensions and other display preferences). This way, you don’t have to re-enter the information every time you return to the website or navigate from one page to the other.

Cookies don’t require personal information to be used later on and they don’t identify the users in person.


Types of cookies

  • Session cookies – these are stored temporarily in your browser and are memorised until the user leaves the website or the respective window

  • persistent cookies – These are stored on the computer or other used devices and they depend on the preestablished duration for it. Cookies that are placed by another website than the one you access also belong to this category. These are the third-party cookies – which can be used anonymously to memorise the user’s interests to be able to deliver relevant publicity for the user.

Storage duration of the cookies

Cookies are stored by standard for a period of maximum 2 years. Some cookies are used during a single session and are not remembered once the user leaves the website, and other cookies are stored and used every time a user returns to the website. Nevertheless, cookies can be deleted by the user anytime with the help of browser settings.

How can cookies be blocked?

Deactivating the cookies can make certain websites difficult to use. The refusal of cookies doesn’t mean that you will not receive any only publicity.

Depending on the browser you use, we provide you with some useful links to block cookies:

Cookies in Internet Explorer

Cookies in Firefox

Cookies in Chrome

Cookies in Opera