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Why is pretend play the ultimate learning method!

As parents, we share the common knowledge that young children learn by imagining things and then acting according to this imagined reality. Have you ever watched your kid spend hours organizing a car race or selling every movable item for their dolls as a cashier? Or have you ever been amazed by how they can pick up a pencil and pretend it’s a rocket? This is the definition of pretend play, and it’s widely known to be one of the most effective ways for young children to learn.

We too are always struck by this immense imagination and curious spirit we see in kids. That’s why we created the Woodjoy Pretend Play category, which offers role-play furniture that can turn your child into a proficient chef, woodworker, experienced handyman, or even help them furnish their own kitchen or dollhouse just the way they want it. But why do we think your kids would benefit the most from our well-curated toys? Don’t go any further because here are some reasons why you should choose toys from Woodjoy’s Pretend Play category.

  1. Simple and Safe Design

Woodjoy’s toys are designed with the utmost care for your child, fusing functional simplicity with safety at their core. We create toys with high-quality and safe materials, such as FSC certified beech and birch plywood, avoiding hipboards or MDF, as these can contain formaldehyde, a highly toxic material. This ensures that every piece in our collection is safe for children to play with.

The simple design of the toys encourages children to think outside the box and create their own magical world with its own scenarios. 

  1. Infinitely Expandable

One of the most wonderful characteristics of Woodjoy’s toys is that they are infinitely expandable. These pieces do not overwhelm your kids, and thanks to their simplistic design, they allow young minds to reimagine their purpose, come up with newer and newer ways to use them. This makes them the perfect investment in the long run since your kids will continuously repurpose them.

  1. Learning through Play

But what can children learn from pretend play, and how does it affect their development and future? Children learn a variety of skills through play, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and social skills. They also develop empathy through experiencing what it means engaging safely in a scenario outside their natural field or even outside their comfort zones. For example, the workbench set can teach children about the tools used in woodworking, while the kid-sized kitchen set encourages them to become handy with the cooking tools. These activities also create a perfect opportunity for parents to get involved in their children’s lives and help them grow.

  1. Encouraging Creativity and Imagination

Pretend play arms your children with a great amount of creative thinking abilities as they are able to create their own scenarios without unnecessary limits. They create fantastic worlds full of surprise and excitement, transform everyday objects into magical treasures, and bring their wildest ideas to life via imaginative play with friends or by themselves. Let Woodjoy’s Pretend Play collection be the base to it all, and help your little ones let their imagination run wild.

The Pretend Play category at Woodjoy has toys that are not only enjoyable to play with but also aid in a child’s growth. Children can use their imagination and creativity freely thanks to the toys’ simple design and emphasis on safety. The toys are also infinitely extensible and re-imaginable, making them a great investment for parents. The toys also encourage learning via play, helping kids gain critical life skills. So why wait any longer? Visit our website today to explore our collection and choose the perfect toy for your child!

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