A new logo, a new website, but the same great values – welcome to WoodJoy!

2022 is a big year for WoodJoy: after being open on different platforms for quite a while, we have decided to take on some fresh new clothes: we have a new logo and a brand-new website that also functions as a webshop. We really put our hearts into both of them, so we really hope you will find them to your liking.

Please, have a look around, we have so many things to share with you! And there are some other beautiful little surprises in the making, we can hardly wait to share them with you.

Although our look is new, our values remain unchanged: we design and make all of our lifetime-lasting products with love, respecting children and assisting in making a prepared environment for them. If you have never heard of WoodJoy and would like to know what we are all about, head on over to the About YOU page and learn why it is really about you.

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