Montessori Shelves

When thinking of Woodjoy shelves, think more than the usual ones. Our clean, simple and lovely products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be used as a classic shelf or as a container that can help your child’s creative side to emerge.

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  • White background Montessori shelf MAXI Plus in naturalMAXI plus shelf in white

    Montessori MAXI plus shelf


    Step into a world of ingenuity with the Woodjoy Montessori MAXI Plus Shelf—a testament to our dedication to crafting versatile and Montessori-inspired kids’ furniture. This extraordinary shelf boasts expansive, open shelves thoughtfully arranged across five levels, offering an optimal solution for organizing clothes, toys, and books. With ample depth, it effortlessly accommodates even larger toys…

  • White background Montessori shelf MAXI in natural

    Montessori MAXI shelf


    Discover the Woodjoy Montessori MAXI Shelf—an embodiment of our commitment to crafting multifunctional, Montessori-inspired kids’ furniture that fosters creativity and organization. Elevate your child’s space with the Montessori MAXI shelf, featuring spacious, elevated shelves with five levels, purposefully designed for storing toys and books. These shelves offer ample depth, accommodating even larger toys and accessories,…

  • White background Montessori MIDI bookshelf in naturalMontessori MIDI bookshelf

    Montessori MIDI bookshelf


    Introducing the Montessori MIDI Bookshelf from Woodjoy, a pioneer in crafting multifunctional, Montessori-inspired kids’ furniture. This elevated bookshelf is thoughtfully designed to allow children to easily spot and choose their favorite books. With its adaptable design, you can rotate the product to serve various purposes – from a chair and table to a valuable learning…

  • White background MIDI shelf and MIDI bookshelf in naturalMontessori MIDI bookshelf and MIDI shelf

    Montessori MIDI shelf and one MIDI bookshelf


    Introducing Woodjoy’s Montessori MIDI Shelf and Bookshelf set, a versatile and thoughtfully designed addition to your child’s learning environment. Crafted with Montessori principles in mind. The MIDI Bookshelf a taller bookshelf, that ensurs that your child can easily see the covers of their books, select, and retrieve the one they desire. Its ingenious design allows…

  • White background Montessori MINI bookshelf in naturalMontessori MINI bookshelf

    Montessori MINI bookshelf


    Discover the Montessori MINI Bookshelf by Woodjoy, creators of versatile and innovative Montessori kids’ furniture. Rooted in our commitment to empower children through innovative design, this bookshelf is a testament to functionality and creativity. The Montessori MINI Bookshelf is ingeniously crafted to grant young minds easy access to their favourite books by prominently displaying book…

  • White background Montessori Multifunctional START shelf in natural

    Montessori Multifunctional START shelf


    The Montessori Multifunctional START Shelf by Woodjoy is a versatile addition designed to elevate your child’s play and learning space. Crafted with the utmost care and expertise, this multifunctional piece seamlessly combines style and functionality to enhance your child’s environment. The START Shelf features low, open shelves thoughtfully placed on two levels, making it an…

  • White background Montessori shelf MIDI in natural

    Montessori shelf MIDI


    Presenting the Woodjoy Montessori MIDI Shelf—a remarkable piece from our collection of multifunctional, Montessori-inspired kids furniture. The Montessori MIDI Shelf features low, open shelves thoughtfully arranged across three levels. These shelves are thoughtfully designed to house your child’s cherished toys and treasured books. Their generous depth accommodates even larger toys and accessories, fostering your child’s…

  • Montessori shelf MINI


    Discover the perfect harmony between organization and exploration with the Woodjoy Montessori MINI Shelf—a versatile addition to your child’s environment. The Montessori MINI Shelf features low, open shelves thoughtfully arranged across three levels. This design is tailored for storing toys and books, while also providing ample space for larger toys and accessories that encourage your…

  • White background Montessori SMALL bookshelf in natural

    Montessori SMALL bookshelf


    Discover the Montessori SMALL Bookshelf by Woodjoy. Our philosophy revolves around empowering children through innovative designs, and this bookshelf exemplifies that ethos. With a keen focus on enhancing children’s independence and exploration, our Montessori SMALL Bookshelf allows young minds to easily spot and select their favorite books by displaying their covers prominently. Versatility is at…