Montessori Look 3

Create your child’s calm space ideal for sleeping, with a Montessori wood bed ideal for good sleep. Making it more practical with MAXi plus shelf.

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  • White background Montessori based multifunctional chair in natural

    Montessori based multifunctional chair


    With the Woodjoy Multifunctional Chair, you can enter a world of inventiveness. We are happy to introduce a chair that adapts to your child’s changing demands as pioneers in creating Montessori children’s furniture, providing both safety and adaptability. With the ability to rotate into three distinct positions or heights, it effortlessly transforms into a chair…

  • White background Montessori floor bed with slatsMontessori floor bed with lateral protection

    Montessori floor bed with lateral protection


    Discover the epitome of children’s independence in their early childhood with our Montessori Floor Bed with lateral protection – an ingenious creation by Woodjoy, pioneers in crafting multifunctional Montessori kids’ furniture. Tailored to accommodate a 140 x 70 cm (55.2 x 27.6 inches) mattress, it offers a safe and comfortable haven for your little one’s…

  • White background Montessori shelf MAXI Plus in naturalMAXI plus shelf in white

    Montessori MAXI plus shelf


    Step into a world of ingenuity with the Woodjoy Montessori MAXI Plus Shelfβ€”a testament to our dedication to crafting versatile and Montessori-inspired kids’ furniture. This extraordinary shelf boasts expansive, open shelves thoughtfully arranged across five levels, offering an optimal solution for organizing clothes, toys, and books. With ample depth, it effortlessly accommodates even larger toys…