Montessori Look 4

With furniture designed with Montessori principles, you can help your child become independent. They can live like adults and enjoy “breakfasts” made with our kitchen toys and little shelves that hold tables and chairs.

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  • big bench with a small bench and two chairs set in white

    Montessori based Multifunctional big bench with a small bench and two chairs


    Introducing the Woodjoy Multifunctional Furniture Set – an ingenious addition to our Montessori kids’ furniture collection that’s designed to adapt to your child’s ever-evolving needs. The Multifunctional Big Bench is versatile piece, that can be turned around to serve as a bench with two different seat heights or as a functional desk. Crafted with precision,…

  • White background Montessori based multifunctional chair in natural

    Montessori based multifunctional chair


    With the Woodjoy Multifunctional Chair, you can enter a world of inventiveness. We are happy to introduce a chair that adapts to your child’s changing demands as pioneers in creating Montessori children’s furniture, providing both safety and adaptability. With the ability to rotate into three distinct positions or heights, it effortlessly transforms into a chair…

  • Toy kitchen Type B2 combined with a SMALL shelfToy kitchen Type B2 in white

    Toy kitchen Type B2 combined with a SMALL shelf


    Step into the world of Woodjoy with our innovative Montessori Furniture Set, featuring the versatile Toy Kitchen Type B2 and the Montessori SMALL Shelf. This combined set offers a haven for your child’s independent, safe, and imaginative play while also providing an ideal solution for organizing toys and books. Pretend play nurtures fine and gross…