Montessori Look 9

Are you trying to find your small girl the ideal place to feel like a princess? With our high-quality benches, seats, and mirrors, you can accomplish this task with ease.

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  • White background big bench with drawers and chair set in naturalbig bench in white as a desk with drawers in natural and a chair

    Montessori based Multifunctional big bench with drawers and chair


    Introducing a comprehensive Woodjoy set, that combines the Multifunctional Big Bench with shelves, two Multifunctional Middle Boxes, and one Multifunctional Chairs to provide a dynamic and space-efficient solution for your child’s playroom or bedroom. This remarkable bench offers a reversible design, making it adaptable as both a comfortable bench and a practical desk. Elevate its…

  • White background Montessori based multifunctional chair in natural

    Montessori based multifunctional chair


    With the Woodjoy Multifunctional Chair, you can enter a world of inventiveness. We are happy to introduce a chair that adapts to your child’s changing demands as pioneers in creating Montessori children’s furniture, providing both safety and adaptability. With the ability to rotate into three distinct positions or heights, it effortlessly transforms into a chair…

  • small mirrorSmall mirror in grey

    Montessori Small Mirror with wooden frame


    Discover the power of reflection with the Woodjoy Montessori Small Mirror—a carefully designed piece that nurtures curiosity and growth in your child. The Montessori-based Small Mirror offers not one, but two engaging perspectives by rotating it. Whether used to admire themselves or explore their environment, this mirror becomes a window to their world. Safety is…

  • White background Multifunctional small box shelve in naturalsmall shelf in a setting

    Multifunctional small box shelve


    Introducing the Woodjoy Multifunctional Small Box—a true chameleon in your household. As leaders in crafting Montessori kids furniture, we present a versatile gem that effortlessly serves multiple roles. Hang it on the wall as a sleek shelf, offering a minimalist storage solution that elevates your space. Alternatively, use it as a stackable collector box, the…